Matt and I met in college, during what was my first semester at the University of Utah and what was his first one back after serving a mission for our church for two years in Stockholm, Sweden. We had a quick courtship and a short engagement and we were married on September 3, 1996, about 10 months after our first date. I guess we just knew that we were right for each other.

We spent the next several years pursuing our educations before deciding that we were ready to start our family. It turned out that we were unable to get pregnant when we starting trying. We saw fertility doctors and spent the next several years undergoing treatments and procedures, all expensive and all unsuccessful. At that time we were frustrated and upset that nothing worked for us. As Matt finished his graduate schooling, we decided that as soon as we returned to Utah to live, we would look into adoption. We completed our paperwork with the agency we chose, LDS Family Services, and were approved for adoption on March 22, 2005. Through the agency's services, we were chosen by Caleb's birth mom to be his parents, and found out about him on November 1, 2005. He was born a few days overdue on December 19th and after his release from the hospital, we brought him home on December 28, 2005.

We are so grateful for Caleb, and for his birth mom who chose us. We knew the moment we found out about him that he was meant to be in our family. We thank God every day that his birth mom knew it too, and followed her heart, made an unimaginable sacrifice, and sent him to us. We are now hoping for another child to join our family, and we know that for us, adoption is the right way to do that. We love being an adoptive, multiracial family. It gives us a unique identity and it is what makes us…well, us.

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Cynthia said...

Caleb is adorable! I hope your wait for a sibling for him will be short.