It's hard to find the right words to describe Caleb...maybe "live-wire" would work. He is truly one in a million. To start with, he is all boy through and through. He loves trucks, four-wheelers, motorcycles, trains, etc. His favorite movie is Disney's "Cars". He has a really great memory for a three-year-old and loves to quote movies, songs, and things that he has heard people say. He is talking really well, and has lost most of his baby words, although occasionally he will say something like "mackey-oni cheese" that will make us smile. Caleb loves music, has a good sense of rhythm, and likes to sing. He has very strong opinions about his music, and we argue about what CD to listen to in the car like he's 15 or something. He is currently into ad-libbing, and loves to make up his own lyrics (usually about trucks) to the songs that he's listening to. He is a quirky little guy, and can be very stubborn, but he's the light of our lives and we thank the Lord every day that we were chosen to be his parents. He is so like us in so many ways, there is no doubt that he was destined for our family.

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BrittanyW said...

Matt & Em are wonderful parents! Emilie was born to be a mother. She seems to always know what to do and always has good tips for me about parenting issues. I married into this family but I couldn't dream of finding a better family to be a part of. We love to be together and Matt, Em & Caleb are always the life of the family party. I can't wait to meet the new addition to their eternal family and if you are considering them for the parents, just know they are wonderful, loving, fun, adventurous people who will be the perfect choice for your child.